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Vicky, an ex-investment banker from Delhi, fed up with the humdrum of corporate life, runs a small café in Goa. Part singer, part chef, part musician – life seems perfect. And when he realizes that his perfect and irresistible girlfriend, Mango, is the one, he cashes in all his savings, takes out a loan from Goa's most dangerous gangster and buys their dream house on the beach. Mango is overjoyed and as they stand arm in arm, looking at their own portrait atop the mantelpiece of their new home, their life together unfolding in front of them, Vicky is convinced he is the luckiest man alive. One night, over dinner, Mango excuses herself to use the restroom and doesn't return. Vicky is shattered, having prepared an elaborate proposal. Desperate, he hires his friend, SYLVIE, a private detective to find her. Sylvie dives straight into his investigation but doesn't report back for two months. Vicky begins to live a slightly delusional, but essentially hopeless life. No money, no girlfriend, a very expensive and very empty house – Vicky's luck has reversed. On his way to the bank to sort out his loan issues, a splatter on his windscreen throws him off the road, and in an attempt to avoid the collision, he swerves, hitting an oncoming cab. Luckily no one is hurt, but the cab driver, seeing an opportunity immediately starts creating a hullaballoo in Konkani. The traffic police intervenes, a pretty but plain cop, Tarini, comes to the rescue, and Vicky is relieved, but slightly confused, as thought something seems awry. The situation is sorted out and he rushes to the bank, only to find Tarini there as well. Suddenly, he is jolted to reality when a gang of gun-toting robbers burst into the bank and gathers all the customers into a circle, tying them up together. Amidst the frenzy, a plump middle-aged woman accuses him of groping her and when the robbers release the group and the police take over, Vicky is made to defend himself to a very agitated woman and some very skeptical cops. Just as things seem to be going from bad to worse, Tarini, the shy and enigmatic cop sitting next to Vicky at the bank testifies to his innocence and he is let off. A little more hopeful about life, Vicky reaches home and gets a phone call – Sylvie has found Mango. He tells him to meet him at a restaurant and Vicky runs out, no wallet in hand. At the restaurant, Sylvie tells him Mango is getting married. Vicky is devastated. Sylvie excuses himself and he too, vanishes, leaving Vicky with a table full of food and drink - and no wallet. Just then, Vicky notices Tarini sitting across the restaurant. He decides to go join her in the hopes of getting her to pay for his meal. She's happy to have him join her, except when the time comes to pay, she too has no money. They're screwed. As the night progresses, stranger and stranger things begin to happen and we see this series of seemingly unrelated events play out from different people's perspectives -- Vicky's, as his universe goes upside down on his search for his lost love and on to the discovery of his new love. Sylvie's, as he sets out on a mission to find his best friend's girlfriend, someone he has been in love with ever since he met her, and watches her as she manipulates men into giving her what she wants until she meets her match in a local cocaine kingpin, Donny. And finally, Donny's, who despite knowing that Mango has scammed him, falls in love with her and chases her down, not for the money she steals from him, but his heart. Set in calm atmosphere of a modern Goa in the monsoons, this frenzied film traces one night in the life of 5 manic individuals, whose stories intertwine in a completely unlikely manner. Though it deals directly with love and relationships, a hunt for a missing suitcase full of cash in the backdrop of the film helps us follow these people's lives. Primary, secondary and even incidental romances share the spotlight with the main characters in this cat-and-mouse game of shifting allegiances, and as couples swap partners and encounters play out, replayed from different vantage points, we see how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ",